A Retreat in Daily Life

A Week of Guided Prayer

Sunday 24th of May to Saturday 30th May 2015.


What is a retreat in daily life?

A retreat is a time to stop and spend some time with God in prayer and reflection.. Not everyone is able to go away to a retreat centre, so a week of guided prayer offers a possibility to make a retreat while continuing with our daily life.

What will happen during this week?

The retreat will be run by a team of trained prayer guides, ordinary people who have had some experience of accompanying others in prayer. They are not ‘experts’ and don’t have all the answers! They will listen to your experience without judgement or advice, though they might make some suggestions for your prayer time. The real guide in this retreat is God!
There will be an opening meeting on Sunday 24th May at 4pm for all participants. From Monday to Friday you will agree to spend some time in personal prayer at home, and to meet your prayer guide for up to 30 minutes each day at a mutually convenient time. The retreat will end with a closing meeting on Saturday 30th May at 4pm.

Do I have to be ‘good’ at prayer, or experienced?

No. You may have been praying for years, or be a beginner, not knowing how to start. In your meetings with your guide you will start from where you are.
These meetings are confidential. Your guide may make suggestions about different ways of praying and together, guided by the Holy Spirit, you will decide how you might spend your next prayer time.

How much will it cost?

The retreat is free, but you will be invited to make a donation to cover the expenses of the prayer guides.

What do I do next?

  • Fill in the enrolment form and return it to:
    Ewa Bem IBVM, Loreto Centre, Abbey Rd, Llandudno, LL30 2EL.
  • You may also email the information via our contact form.
  • For more information please email Ewa at the address above or phone: 01492 878031.
  • Come to the Opening Meeting at 4pm on Sunday 24th May, at Loreto Centre.
  • At the Opening Meeting you will meet the other participants and the prayer guides. The times of your meetings with your guide will be confirmed and by the end of this meeting you will have clear guidelines for your first prayer time.
  • Your meetings with your prayer guide will take place at Loreto Centre at the time arranged with your prayer guide.

The retreat ends with a Closing Meeting on at 4pm on Saturday 30th May at Loreto Centre. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their experience of guided prayer and look ahead to the future.

A copy of this information is available for download by clicking here.