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  1. Patricia Burns said:

    I attended Loreto College, Manchester from 1950 to 1957 . I remember visiting Loreto Llandudno on the occasion of one of our classmates making her Profession of Vows. I have heard nothing of class mates over the years but would welcome any news. one friend, Monica McWigan joined the Order of the Loreto Nuns, but I don’t know where she is now. Mother Philomena was Head at Manchester with Mother Victoreen as Deputy. Mother Anne taught Home Economics, Mother Gemma art, Mother Alacoque Needlework. Reading about the Centre has been most interesting.

    January 1, 2012
    • Josephine Rourke nee Stones said:

      I also was a pupil from 1950 to 1957 and rember all the nuns you have mentioned but you and I were never in the same class.!y name then was Josephine Stones

      February 21, 2014
      • Patricia Burns said:

        How interesting to hear someone who was at Loreto at the same time that I was there. I have decided to have a trip down to Llandudno and visit the convent. I really should pop down to Manchester too. My daughter did attend the 6th form College at Manchester some35 years age. I feel a certain loyalty to my alma mater. lovely to be able to reply to you. Patricia Redshaw nee Burns

        June 22, 2014
      • Aaron Kingsley said:

        Hi Josephine,

        I’ve been searching for a family member with the last name Stones. My father was born Anthony Stones. His biological father is Michael Stones (b. 1946). We’ve been trying to track him down. My nanna (whose maiden name is Carter) has given us as much detail as she can remember but we are yet to find him. We know the names of many of his family members: William, Christopher, Mary Josephine, David, Kevin, Brenda, Peter, Gerard, Catherine, Angela (all brothers and sisters). We currently live in Sydney, Australia, so it has been difficult to find information.
        I was hoping that you may be Michael’s sister, and if so, my great aunt.
        If this is the case we’d love to hear from you. If you would be able to contact me at it would be very much appreciated.


        August 14, 2015
    • Jonathan Godfrey said:

      did you know my Mother Patricia Joy Edwards , who was a Postulant ?

      August 10, 2015
    • LizGrant said:

      Good evening sisters! F. For.

      From the late 1960 too the early mid 1970 I attended Lortto middle school Wondering would any of the Nuns that taught me in the late 1960& mid 1970 still b alive Sister Margaret & Siser Catherine @ many more ! Loretta middle School LLaunddno. Yours. Faithfully. LL

      January 14, 2018
      • LizGrant said:

        Liz Grant ex pupil attended Loretta Middle School LLaunddno North Wales 1969 Too 1974 some of. Ex puplis. We’re bullies @ when ur 7 or 8 it’s nasty horrible did tell the nuns @ teacher’s stopped then started again but think it got dealt with I know who was responsible still do?

        January 14, 2018
    • Margaret Ireland said:

      I was there in Manchester Loreto in 1955, 56, after which I entered the Order. I was a nun for ten years and left in 1966.I was then Margaret Rocca and took the name Sister Louis. I am now living in Australia, married, and have two ‘children ‘ who have Families of their own. I remember you, and entertained really good feelings towards you. Where are you now?

      August 19, 2020
  2. vincent kelly said:

    Coming across your site I am reminded of my very dear and beloved late wife Mary(Murphy). A graduate of University College (NUI)Dublin, Mary, one of a pair of identical twins, taught French and English at Llandudno immediately after graduation for a few of the early years of the War. She always spoke of those years with great love and affection and whenever we passed in the train (as I still do) we had to sit on the seaward side of the train and catch a glimpse of the Great Orme as she spent many very happy hours walking there. She kept her students on their toes with her hockey and tennis prowess. She returned to serve on the staff of the Registrar’s Department of NUI then had a very distinguished career as one of the foremost hockey players in Europe as she played for Ireland and was a member of the only Irish Team ever to win the Triple Crown. We were married in Dublin in 1953 and had a wonderful life together until she died (2nd. Nov. 2005). We lived in Reading from 1958 where I was the Group Engineer (Bridges) for the Royal County of Berkshire until I retired in Oct. 1989. Her happy dispositon and care for neighbours has resulted in those same neighbours, or their children, being of great assistance to me. I am 87 and fit but I know that there are people keeping an eye on me “just in case”.

    February 17, 2012
    • Liz said:

      It’s lovely that you have such fond memories of Llandudno, thank you so much for sharing!

      February 17, 2012
      • Margaret said:

        I agree thank you for sharing your memories.

        October 2, 2013
  3. Jane Lawson said:

    I was at Loreto Nottingham and I remember coming to Llandudno with Mother Frances O’Kelly and MFX for the reception into the postulancy of three of our friends from sixth form. One found that it was not for her but Sr Jackie Gleeson and I are still in touch. She came to our Ruby Wedfing party, and sister Imelda Poole who, I think, is doing great work in eastern Europe. Happy days.

    August 31, 2012
    • Michelle Hargreaves said:

      Message to Jane Lawson: I too was at Loreto Nottingham. I left in 1966.
      It would be good to have a chat. MFX was thd headmistress, Mother Francis (O’Keefe) taught geography.

      August 27, 2019
  4. Geraldine Wainwright nee Allsup said:

    I attended Loreto Llandudno from 1963 – 1969,I was a day pupil. I have fond and happy memories of my time in school. I remember crying the day I left Loreto go out into the adult world.

    September 24, 2012
    • Ella hall said:

      Hi Geraldine my cousin Helen Williams was at this school the same time as you she was also a day pupil she lived not far from the Loretta school in Glodaeth avenue she was also known for her singing,When Helen left Loreta she went on to Lowther College. I wonder if you remember her.☺

      April 19, 2016
    • Vivien Tait-Smith said:

      Hi Geraldine! You and I were in the same class!

      February 24, 2017
      • Geraldine Wainwright nee Allsup said:

        Hi Vivian I remember you do you have contact with anyone else from our year

        March 19, 2017
        • Lynn Priddle said:

          Hi Geraldine
          I have only just found this site and recognise your name from my time at the school which was 1963 – 1966 I think. I’m away at the moment but have a class photo which I will check out when I get home as I’m sure you must be in it.
          My happiest school days were at Loreto seeing some old photos has brought back some lovely memories.
          I was a day girl my surname was Roberts.

          November 8, 2018
          • Marion Williams said:

            Hi Lynn
            This is Marion Williams ,we were best friends at school I was a day pupil & lived in Colwyn Bay . My surname then was Smith, I stayed at your house one summer at Coventry. It’s funny because I often think about you, I lost touch when you moved either to the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man I can’t remember which one.
            I would love to know how you are doing we are all getting older now I really enjoyed my time at Loreto
            Please reply I’d love to hear from you

            August 17, 2020
    • Clare Somerville said:

      Hi Geraldine, I was in the same class as you xx

      November 26, 2019
      • Pamela penny said:

        hi clare we were friends love to here from you Pam penny

        August 26, 2020
  5. Pamela Schramm Lapointe nee Rae said:

    I attended Loreto House, Middleton Row, Calcutta, India all my school life graduating 1959. The best years of my life. The nuns set the example of excellence and spirituality. My father painted the large oil paintings of Jesus Christ and Mary that hang high on either side of the main altar of St. Thomas Church which adjoins Loreto House.

    December 12, 2012
    • barbara thomas said:

      Hello, I attended Loretto House in Calcutta from 1963-1964 (then went to AIS in Delhi). I loved it.
      Went back to visit in 2000.

      March 27, 2014
      • Pamela Rae Lapointe said:

        Hi Barbara, I was so pleased to hear you had attended Loretto House, Calcutta. Please email me and give me some news of Loreto. I would love to hear from you. Best wishes, Pam

        June 22, 2014
  6. Kath Holtom(Kathleen Perry) said:

    I attended Loreto Manchester from 1954 -1961 and during that time went to Loreto Llandudno for the professions of Kathleen Hewitt and Christine Kinsman from the Denton area of Manchester.
    It was a lovely experience.My memories of Loreto Manchester are of those recorded by Patriciaa Burns but with very fond memories of lay staff-Miss O’Meara,Miss Hynes and Miss Poole-women of substance and wonderful role models for girls.I also had a soft spot for Mother Columbiere[Music and Budgies!) and Mother Gertrude(Housekeeping Skills)Having spent a lifetime in teachingand with a supportive family I hope their aspirations have been passed on to many others.Three from my form became Loreto Nuns -Patricia Goodstadt whom I have met in recent years and Bernadette Boland a niece of Mother Gemma if I rememberwho always struck me as a feminist9the aunt not the niece and Pauline Siddons.So many fond memories

    February 7, 2013
    • Maureen clarke said:

      It sounds like you were in my elder sisters class Mary Almond at Loreto Manchester as i knew and recognised the names i was 18 months younger and remember Mother Gemma Mother Philomena etc very well Mary sadly died three years ago Mother Maria Assumpta later sister Brigid was my form teacher

      September 18, 2014
      • Kath Holtom nee Perry said:

        So sorry Maureen to hear about Mary .I remember her very well and she had a quiet charm and great maturity and common sense but a good sense of humour . We were in the “special class ” the first to take A level General Studies and to do some A levels after one year . I remember Deirdre Devlin, Mary Griffin, Maureen Murphy and Marie Hovington and Veronica Leech and Mary Sellars better stop now !!
        My mother died when I was 15 and at Loreto and everyone was most caring. Myra Poole is a leading light in the campaign for Women Priests as. Norte Dame nun . I met her at Westminster at a low Week meeting in the time of Cardinal Hulme

        February 16, 2016
  7. Barbara Brenson, nee Bedford said:

    I boarded at Loreto Llandudno from 1963-1968 and have very fond memories of my time there. I’m still in contact with several of my peers and we have reunions, despite being located in different parts of the country.
    I wish Sister Brigid, formerly Mother Maria Assumpta,(or ‘Ma Munch’ as we nicknamed her, being our Domestic Science teacher!) and all the team at the Centre every good wish for the running of the Centre and may it go from strength to strength.

    February 13, 2013
    • Sheila Sutton said:

      Dear Barbara
      You may well not remember me but your name rings a bell with me. I was a boarder 1966 to 1967 . I remember Daphne Spencer -Jones ( do you? ) and another girl whose name escapes me . After I left we met up once on Chester . Do you remember ?
      I was browsing through some LORETO websites and came across aLlandudnonand your name at the end of a message you left . I think it was written 2013 ! Just seen it now .! I thought I would drop you a note to say hello . It would be nice to hear from you . Just remembered the name or the other girl ::Frances Prendergast. Does that ring a bell with you ?
      I am sending you my email address

      August 27, 2018
      • Daphne Pitois said:

        I remember you too! Still in touch with Frances Kenny (Prendergast) who is about to move to Monmouth. Christine Eccles (Platt who lives near Cambridge), Mary Thakkar (Burke, Manchester) and most of all Jane Pendelbury (Ross on Wye)..

        February 21, 2019
        • Susan Barnes said:

          I was a boarder 1966 -1969 and remember you Daphne and the other boarders listed. You were in the year above me. I had moved from Loreto St Albans. I remember the food was much better in Llandudno ! I also remember chasing the sheep off the hockey pitch before we could play. Happy memories.

          August 12, 2019
        • Just made contact with Mary Newman.
          Also Toni Ryan.
          Am great friends with Terry Lazar.

          March 23, 2020
  8. elvira glauser said:

    I boarded from 1961 – 1963 at Loreto Llandudno and have great memories of that time. Long ago. I was so happy then that now being 67 with three daughters 7 grand children and a grear gran boy (3 months old) I am planning to visit next june just to have a look of my beloved college and bring back my old memories while i still have the opportunity to do so

    April 15, 2013
  9. Suzanne Cheetham Pillinger said:

    I too will never forget the two years I spent boarding at Loreto Llandudno; my organ lessons in the chapel with Mother Winifred (Winnie), walks around the hockey field with Mother Pauline (Polly) coaxing me to speak French in preparation for my French O’level, Sunday morning breakfasts with the soda bread, sausages and marmalade (all sandwiched together). What ever happened to Aisling Mahon, Jenny Maher, Una McConnan et al?

    June 12, 2013
    • Deirdre Mahon said:

      Hi Swaz, Aisling’s divides her time living between Costa Rica and the States, near Boston. It’d be lovely to hear from you. Deirdre x

      May 15, 2015
      • Julia Carrillo de Mendoza said:

        Helló Deidre. Now muy english is not ver y good…bul I recogniced your name, and I am ver y glad to hear of you. Do you remember the spanish girls un Loreto. Well I,m Julia. I will love to know about, Margaret Drake, Julia wright. An any other girl of those lovely dais un school, at
        Llandudno The 1965-6 year. Love.

        January 1, 2017
        • Deirdre Mahon said:

          Yes, I remember the Spanish girls do you remember Maria Delgado? I keep in touch with Sylvia Cunningham she is now Sylvia O’Leary also Cecelie Farrell who is now Cecelie Callaghan. I don’t really keep in touch with anybody else. Hope you’re keeping well. x

          January 5, 2017
        • Jacqui Callahan said:

          Hi Julia
          I remember all you girls we used to love eating your spanish food.
          I was the only one who liked the chilli. Still do.
          How much fun to remember the old times sitting on our beds sharing your spanish delicacies.

          June 20, 2017
        • Julia May nee Wright said:

          Hi Julia!
          Didn’t you come home with me for a half term once? I cannot say I enjoyed my time at Loreto, going to University was like being let out of prison! However, I do remember a number of people who were there at the same time. I’m Julia May now and live in Somerset. I have 4 daughters, 2 grandchildren & 2 step-grandchildren. One of my daughters loves Spain and speaks fluent Spanish and all the Latin American versions of it.

          February 21, 2018
    • Swaz!!!!! I have been hoping for decades to re-connect. Can you e mail me and we’ll go from there…

      May 17, 2015
  10. I remember with great affection the years I spent as a boarder at Loreto Convent in St Albans in the 1960s also the wonderful visits and news we had about the nuns and students at Loreto Abbey Road Llandudno. ( as well as other Loreto schools around the world ) I am also in my 60s now and have 3 children and 3 grand children. I also hope to visit the Llandudno centre, one day, hopefully to visit with the nuns and perhaps attend Mass. I heard that the Past Pupils of the Convent of Llandudno have a reunion each year in May with a Mass after and I was hoping to try and get there one year. Perhaps some more Past Pupils will post on here. Also when boarding finished at St Albans in the 60s some of our boarders went to Llandudno for a few terms/years I seem to remember. Hard to remember exact dates and/or names but hoping some may read these pages.

    As Kath(Kathleen Perry)said above here “so many fond memories”. Our Head Teachers,/Headmistresses were Mother Joseph Dolours and Mother Madeleine while I was a school child. I also remember a Mother Philomena, Mother Benedict, Mother Francis Xavier, Mother Veronica, Mother Labore,Mother Michael, Mother Angela, Mother Maria Assumpta, Sister Eucharia, Sister Lucy and many other nuns and teachers with great affection and thanks. (Too many wonderful role models, mentors, tutors and excellent teachers to mention and too afraid to try and spell them all correctly!) Loreto Manchester/Llandudno / St Albans …more memories please 🙂 ( – The visits of Mother General and Mother Provincial! -)

    October 2, 2013
    • Liz (nee White) said:

      I was at Loreto College, St Albans from 1962-1967. Many fond memories of the nuns and teachers as well as pupils. Mother Joseph Dolors and Mother Brigid in particular made a great impression on me.

      June 21, 2015
  11. marlene bromilow nee gee. said:

    Are there any boarders on here that attended Loreto Llandudno between the the years 1951 to 1956 ?? would love to hear from you !!

    November 17, 2013
    • Clair roberts said:

      Hi just found this site so hello it’s Clair Roberts (Maybury ) I boarder during that time left 1961 sorry but I don’t recognise your name but then it was just a few years ago however I do remember the early morning walks around the lake. And Sunday breakfasts were the highlights for me warm freshly cooked soda bread with Heinz salad spread Or home made marmalade still a guilty secret which every now and again I buy. Fish suppers on Friday or tea as I think it was ?. the pianola in the common room played with gusto especially Chopin but negative was always so cold in winter as much ice inside as outside the windows but generally happy times

      November 15, 2016
      • claire kay said:

        Dear Clair, I don’t suppose you are the daughter of Matron Violet Norton & Alun Evans are you? I’m looking for my long lost Aunty Clair! (Claire Kay nee Evans – David’s daughter, Alun’s granddaughter)

        November 25, 2019
      • claire kay said:

        Dear Clair, I believe you may possibly be my long lost Aunty! Are you the Clair whose Mum was Violet Norton who you believed was your Aunty as a child, & whose Father was Alun Evans? Were you possibly adopted by the Maybury’s? I’m longing to speak to you… please get in contact: 🙂

        November 25, 2019
    • Pilar Bilbao said:

      I was at Loreto Coleege from September 1954 July 1955
      I was from Basque Country (Spain ) and gone to learn English
      I remained the name of Alice Touris she Was from
      Can you remaind me ,anyway I’m happy to hear over you

      January 2, 2018
      • Pilar Bilbao said:

        Alice was from Sheyselles

        January 2, 2018
  12. Once again our annual retreat to the loreto centre, Llandudno, has been a super experience.
    I would wish to express the thanks of Bodywork-Pilates Ltd, to the staff at the centre for making our stay so enjoyable. It is a joy to see the team at the loreto centre perform so efficiently to make the guests feel so at home and welcome. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. This year was probably our fifth consecutive year and we would very much like to continue the trend.
    Thank you.

    Mr. N. Conway.
    Bodywork-Pilates ltd.

    November 19, 2013
  13. Julie O'Donnell. née Fitton said:

    I attended Loreto College Manchester 1970-1977. Mother Christina and Mother Victorine terrified us but they were wonderful years.Sister Patricia,Miss O’Leary to mention but a few.Would love to hear from anyone who also attended during those years.

    December 8, 2013
    • catherine bowles (nee Staniforth) said:

      I attended Loreto in Manchester from 1972 until 1979. I was in Ellis house . I would love to hear from anyone else who attended during that time. Fond memories of Mother Victorine and Mother Christina….especially when she would tap her ring on the window and frighten you to death!! Also Mrs Drumer, Mrs Moss, Mrs Price ( all art department ) Miss Fox (music) Mr O’Kelly, Mr Kelbrick, Mr Finn, Miss Kilcoyne ( PE!)……lots of memories.

      February 26, 2015
      • Cath Hartnett said:

        I was in Ellis 1968-75 – see my post a bit lower down, reply to Eileen Mercer nee Carty . I don’t recognise the name Mrs Drumer, but do remember Mrs Moss & Mrs Price, though I never did art myself. Miss Fox probably taught me at some point as I had piano lessons till I was 16 – I remember the name but can’t picture her. The name Mr Finn really rings a bell but I can’t picture him or think what he taught. Miss Kilcoyne!! oh yes, she terrified us! 😀

        October 23, 2017
      • Christine Holt said:

        I remember you Catherine my name was Christine Quinlivan and I was in Ellis house too . X

        November 2, 2019
      • Ann Tarpey said:

        I was there for the same years as you Catherine, but I was in Ball House so we wouldn’t have had much contact. My cousin Angela Gillet was protein your class?

        July 27, 2020
      • Deborah E Wrack said:

        Deborah Wrack here.
        I was in Kennedy from 1969 – 1976.
        Fun memories and also terrible memories.
        Anyone want to connect?

        October 10, 2020
    • bernadette hogan said:

      hi julie i was there in 1973 to 1976 , in ball house , i remember my friends jane beatty , jane sellers and catherine walsh x

      October 7, 2017
    • Jayne Meehan nee Thomas said:

      There is a group of us from wards house 1973-1980 getting together tonight for the first time in 37 years. Are you in contact with any of your classmates

      December 2, 2017
    • Shelagh Coutts (formerly McEwen) said:

      Hi Julie

      I was a little older than you but I think you may have been similar year toy younger sister Diane McEwen now Leech.

      Shelagh Coutts (McEwen)

      August 24, 2018
    • Sheila Higgins said:

      I also attended Loreto from 1970-77. I was in Ellis House. I remember Mother Victorian and Mother Christina as well as a number of teachers like Mr Finn who taught us Latin, Mr Pinedo who taught Spanish and Miss OLeary. I attended the reunion that they had in 2001/2002 but my Dad suffered a heart attack at that time and I had to go to visit him in hospital. I don’t get to visit Manchester so much now that my parents have passed away but can see that the school has been completely rebuilt. It is one of the best sixth forms. They were happy years.

      February 12, 2019
  14. Josephine Rourke nee Stones said:

    I attended Loreto Convent from 1950 to 1957 and have now lived in Spain for the last 35yrs.I would love to hear from fellow pupils and to know what they are doing.I am in touch with Philomena Jennings,who lives in Australia

    February 21, 2014
    • Margaret Elson (nee Priest) said:

      I notice that Josephine mentioned Philomena Jennings who I remember well as we were in the same form at Manchester Loreto. I attended 1952 to 1957. Mother Alacoque was our form teacher, a great mentor over the five years I was there and even now when I am attempting a bit of sewing I hear her voice in my ear saying “That is not sewing Margaret, that is cobbling!!” I had a friend, Pat Burke who boarded at Llandudno until she came to Form 2 Loreto Manchester in 1952, I have lost touch with Pat over the years along with Betty Brown and Maureen Saul, ah well! I think of Loreto as a very special place, the dedication of the nuns, even Miss Hunter who ruled the Gym with a rod of iron. Happy memories!

      August 6, 2015
      • Marie Curran (nee Brown) said:

        I also went to Loreto but I was there from 1957 onward. Betty Brown is my older sister and she now lives in Seattle Washington State and has three daughters and quite a lot of grandchildren. I think I remember you a little bit, did you live in Stockport? I’ll email Betty and tell her about this website.

        June 11, 2018
        • Margaret Elson (Nee Priest) said:

          Hi Marie, I remember you very well and am so pleased to hear that Betty is about albeit miles away in America! When you e mail her could you give her my mail address it would be great to chat after all these years.

          June 30, 2018
        • Margaret Elson (nee Priest) said:

          Hello Marie, well I remember you as a little girl about ten years old, also your mum and grandma in a house with lots of kittens. So pleased Betty is still around albeit many miles away, it would be nice to hear from her. I was only thinking “Whatever happened to Betty Brown?” yesterday and lo and behold…now I know!

          July 1, 2018
    • Mary T Harris nee Goodfellow said:

      Is that the Philomena Jennings (small with dark hair and glasses) who sang “Jezabel” one day in class much to the horror of the teachers?. Mary Harris (Goodfellow) – I was at Loreto Manchester around that time.

      January 19, 2016
  15. graham said:

    Spent another lovely weekend in the centre and surrounding area. Once again lovely people and lovely foods which ensured a lovely time was had by us. Nothing nicer that waking to the sounds of nature knowing a brisk walk before breakfast then an amazing day in the area with no worries of parking or cooking just GOOD company. Thanks to all who once agin ensured a lovely friendly and relaxing time.

    June 3, 2014
  16. Loretta Bamford said:

    My Auntie is a Loreto sister, Sr Genevieve, she spent many years In Llandudno and later in alchringham , she has just celebrated her Oak Jubillee. 80yrs, does anyone remember here

    June 22, 2014
    • Daphne Pitois said:

      Was that Sister Geneviève who was a lay Sister, and who used to listen to my tales of woe in the late sixties ? …. In the serving room.??? I owe her a lot.
      Daphne Pitois (Spencer Jones)

      June 12, 2016
      • June Ball said:

        Daphne do you know Isabel Spencer Jones I was at Loreto with her in the sixties. Would love to be in contact, I also remember Louise Bamford, Julie Thornley, Josephine Anderson and her best friend Mary. My name was June Diane Chapman. Known as Diane. Now June Ball. Would love to hear from anyone from this time.

        August 24, 2016
        • Jacqui Callahan said:

          Hi June
          It is Jacqui Callahan nee (Thornley) Julie is my sister she was at Lorreto Llandudno with me, I also remember Louise Bamford.
          I was in a higher class with lisa Story and Caroline Robertson does anyone remember these girls.

          June 20, 2017
        • Daphne said:

          Hello Diane, Sorry it has taken me over a year to react. Isobel, (my sister) has just retired and lives in Liskeard, Cornwall. She and Josephine (Anderson) were close friends but Josie died very young (20 perhaps), of cancer.

          November 26, 2017
        • Clare Somerville said:

          Deirdre Williams from Trefriw? xx

          November 26, 2019
          • Pamela penny said:

            hi Claire remember me I was in your class and as friend of yours hope you are well would love to hear from you xx

            May 15, 2020
    • Vivien Tait-Smith said:

      Hi Geraldine! You and I were in the same class!

      February 24, 2017
    • Vivien Tait said:

      Yes I do! She was so kind; always smiling!

      February 27, 2017
  17. sheila orpe said:

    Wonderful Charismatic Retreat with Sister Regina as speaker, lovely group and a great spiritual experience. Food was excellent and the staff couldn’t do enough. Thank you for a great retreat.

    July 7, 2014
  18. Eileen Mercer nee Carty said:

    I attended Loreto Manchester from 1962 to 1969, after attending English Martyrs Junior School. I have many happy memories of my schooldays, and remember a visit to Loreto Llandudno with the school orchestra to join other girls from other branches of Loreto for a joint concert. Our teacher, Mr. Murphy, accompanied us on this expedition. Many of the community I remember, including Mother Jude, Mother Christina, Mother Columcille, Mother Cecilia, Mother Alocoque , Mother Mary of the Rosary, and of course Mother Victorine. Those were the days!

    July 9, 2014
    • Lucy Finch (née Hannon) said:

      Hello Eileen! I remember you! You were in Kennedy house. I was in Ellis house a year below you. I was a friend of Margaret Silke (RIP), who was in your class.
      I remember you very well. HAPPY DAYS!

      March 17, 2016
    • Cath Hartnett said:

      I was at Loreto Manchester from 1968-1975 and was in Ellis. After a miserable first year (no=one I knew in my class and I was (and still am!) very bad at making friends) I was very happy there. Mothers Victorine & Christina were the head & deputy head then. I remember when the nuns changed from their traditional all-encompassing habits to the more modern shorter ones: we were all agog at the site of Mother Chris’s hair & legs!!!. Teachers I remember well – Miss Swift (English), Mrs Gnash (o’level chemistry), Mrs Holleran (o’level biology), Mr Bell (‘ding-dong’ 😀 – a’level biology), Dr Owen (a’level chemistry), Mr Brown – chemistry. I never had him but one of my best friends did and was terrified of him. Maureen Green, nee Rathbone – a’level physics and a suberb teacher, only a few years older than us – I often wonder what she’s doing now., Miss O’Leary – religion, Mr Riley – maths, Fr Hughes – religion – gave us the creeps this one. Sr Oeghan (can’t remember correct spelling – we referred to her as Sr Yoghurt), Miss Debzuk (aka Miss Dipstick – again, can’t remember correct spelling), others’s I can still see but can’t remember their names. I also remember they were pulling down the Mosside back-to-backs when I started there, and putting up the Hulme estate. I remember the day some scaffolding collapsed around one of the new tower blocks nearby – one or two men were killed I think. I lived in Whalley Range and sometimes walked back along Alexander Road to the park. Near the park gates was a Caribean shop: I remember having the thrill of my life to see a REAL pineapple there – I’d never seen one before as pineapple only came in tins in those days!

      October 23, 2017
      • Tor said:

        I was at Loreto Manchester 1983-1985. I didn’t realise Dr Owen had been there so long. He changed my life – from someone growing up in Whalley Range going through the comprehensive system and probably aiming to be a Pharmacist, and with his ‘encouragement’ through two simple questions , going onto Oxford and Medicine. I’ve tried to find him many times, writing to the college several times, but no reply/ acknowledgement. He’s probably passed now.

        August 13, 2020
  19. Clair Roberts (Maybury) said:

    I was at Llandudno 1954 1961 there is a reunion 2nd weekend in May usually the Saturday afternoon I have not been able to attend for a couple of years but they are organised by Barbara Adams I remember my years at loreto with fondness certainly it was one of the happiest times as a child however I rember the cold chipping ice off the bowls of water in the mornings to wash baths only once a week per rota. But the wonderful Sunday breakfasts warm fresh soda bread marmalade sneaking into the kitchen for a cake or biscuit mother madaline was my allocated nun firm stern but absolutely wonderful mother Mary of the rosary was head mistress mother Winifred domestic science scary very sister alphonsus us was in the rectory mother celine maths mother Anthony then took over the walks around the lake every morning also up the zig zag path to haulfree gardens on Sundays different world when they were building the new block bedrooms there was a storm and we put pots and pans under the leaks to save everything getting wet opening the new science and domestic science block princess Margaret’s wedding and parents day everyone had tea in the main hall. And we had games on the front lawn the mikado and other shows yep it was in the main fun

    July 16, 2014
  20. Lawrence Jones said:

    Just came across this site – made lovely reading. I attended St. Mary’s College in Rhos-on-Sea between 1965 – 1971 (as a boarder) and lots of the pupils at our school had sisters at Loreto. We used to have school dances with Loreto which were always hilarious.. The vernal freshness of youth, together with the nervousness of adolescence, were an interesting combination!

    Not too hot on names now, but recall Geraldine Kelly, Lesley Towers (member of orchestra) and an incredibly nice girl whose christian name was ‘Rhiannon’ (sorry forget surname).

    Lots of Girls’ boarding school in the area at the time _ Penrhos College, Lowther College, Brigidine etc., but Loreto girls always stood out. Grrr, we always had to wear our uniforms at weekends whilst Loreto pupils didn’t :(:(:( Still very jealous!

    Ended up working in the South of France, but still visit Llandudno and Abbey Road on my rare UK return visits. There’s a little rusty ‘Loreto College’ sign on the derelict tennis courts which always induces slight sadness.

    August 23, 2014
  21. Margaret Rowlands said:

    Had a wonderful week end at Loreto. Thanks to Pauline, Sue and Mary who did a wonderful job organising everything in a completely new situation.. Thanks to Sister Ann and the Team for all their hard work in making us so comfortable and serving the most delicious food. God bless you all

    March 16, 2015
  22. Antonia Smith said:

    Antonia Smith nee Ryan past pupil from Loreto College Llandudno

    May 14, 2015
    • Vivien Tait said:

      Hello old friend!

      February 27, 2017
  23. Dolores Hodgson, jennifer Jones said:

    Attended manchester loreto 1955 (prep)-1966.
    Anyone remember us?
    Who was our head girl.

    June 18, 2015
    • Linda Fox said:

      I was at Loreto Manchester 1959 to 1966. 7 good but challenging years. I do remember Dolores, Jennie, Mary, Teri and Joan. Thanks for your friendship in sixth form. Not much left of the old school now sadly

      October 6, 2015
      • Mai Spencet said:

        Linda, are you still in touch with Anne Lynch? We lost touch years ago. My name was May (Mary) Tracey. Later married name Walton. Now Spencer.

        July 2, 2020
    • Jean O'BRIEN said:

      Mary Lambie

      August 13, 2018
  24. Clare Burke said:

    I was at Loreto Manchester from 1956 to 1963. It has just been lovely to read of Mother Philomena, Mother Columbiere ( music and budgies) Mother Gemma Mother Maria Assumpta.
    The unforgettable Miss Hunter and all the fresh air and keeping fit! Miss O’Meara Miss Swift Miss Hunt Miss Poole ( who entered a contemplative order I think) a lovely French teacher who entered the Notre Dame sisters and taught lovely hymns like ‘ Je crois en Toi Mon Dieu ‘
    Would love to hear from anyone there at the same time
    Are former pupils of Manchester reunions ever held?

    June 25, 2015
    • Diana Batchelor (Jones) said:

      I was at Loreto from 1957 -1963. Lovely to hear of Mother Philomena, Mother Consuelo a very young novice my favourite, Mother Columbiere, Miss Hunter and her dog!
      Would love to hear from anyone there during these years and are there ever any reunions?
      My contemporaries must be, like me, in their 70’s now!

      February 6, 2017
    • Dee Batchelor said:

      I was at Loreto Manchester from 1956 to 1963 in Ball House. I too remember all those you mentioned. I was very into netball and all sports. Miss Hunter and her dog Rigg! Mother Columbine used to terrify us in Maths and the lovely Sister Consuela. Many happy memories. The smell of Hyacinths always remind me of the chapel corridor going up to chapel. I too would love to hear from any ‘old’ girls.
      Diana Batchelor ( Jones)

      October 12, 2019
    • Celine Daulton (Clancy) said:

      Just came across this. I attended Loreto, Manchester from 1956 to 1959 before going on to a boarding school. Miss O’Meara and Miss Hunter (of whom I was terrified) lived together in a house on the grounds. Miss Hunter was Scottish, as, it seemed, were all female gym teachers!
      Her little dog was a cairn terrier. Mother Francis was my form mistress. The French teacher who taught me was Miss Heinz (sp?). Mother Philomena was an imposing figure as headmistress. Other nuns who I vaguely remember were Victorine, Columcille, and Columbiere. Otherwise I remember “dancing” in the gym on rainy days, and prunes for lunch…too often!

      December 10, 2019
  25. samantha Dudley nee Finlan said:

    I had the great privilege of attending Loreto Altrincham 1977-1984 – my cousin attended Brigidines Convent (mentioned above). The lovely but fearsome Sr Patricia was our head, we also had Sr Magdalen, Sr Bernadette, Srs Anne and Jen, Sr Kathryn, Sr Eileen and the late Sr Aileen. Mother Bernard taught me St Vincents Junior where I also went. At Loreto we went on several residential retreats to Llandudno. There are several quite active facebook groups for ex Loreto

    July 13, 2015
  26. I had the good luck to attend Loreto St.Albans from 1953-1960. I remember so many of our teachers with great affection, especially Mother Joseph Dolours (Jodo) and Mother Anthony who tried so hard to raise this idiot’s Maths mark to a GCE pass. So many superb lessons! With age I am remembering more and more incidents and little French rhymes. Thanks to Jodo I was able to sing the Marseillaise after the recent Paris massacre!Sadly, I have been indolent about keeping in touch with classmates, except Tommie Riley and – briefly in the 1970s – Christine Savignon. I’d love it if anyone from my class could get in touch with news!

    November 23, 2015
    • Windeatt said:

      Hi – remember you very well – do get in touch – I am on FB as Sandra miles in Newcastle

      July 10, 2016
    • Windeatt said:

      Well, despite her modesty, i remember Christine as being the most formidably intelligent member of our class. Sadly, I don’t have such happy memories of Loreto, St Albans, and I left, age 15, for Hatfield Tech and A-levels. Many degrees and teaching jobs later, I finally retired as a university Senior Lecturer. Still in touch with Susan Harper but would love to know what happened to Tommie and Christine and any others of our most interesting set of clever girls.

      April 2, 2017
    • Helen Burden said:

      Hello – I’ve only just seen this site and it was lovely to read everyone’s comments. I was at Loreto in St. Albans from 1964 – 1971 so not while you were there. I have been to the reunion on the last Saturday in June a couple of times but now live too far away to make the trip in a day. I remember Jodo – she was our head while I was in the 1st year and she left at the end of it. We all left school for the summer holidays in tears. Then Mother Madeleine took over as head and was still there when I eventually left. We used to have Mother Michael for art and there was a nun [I can’t remember her name] you never knew if she was looking at you or not as one of her eyes seemed to look over your shoulder while she was talking to you. We also had a building called St. Joseph’s which is where the Upper and Lower 6th used to have their lessons and common rooms etc. I remember watching films about the Loreto convents abroad but have no recollection at all of one in Wales. I have a friend who attended Altrincham but that would have been early 60s. Then she was called Pamela Floyd. I was Helen Ford. When I was in the 1st year we had a prefect called Pauline Harrington so she would probably have been halfway through school when you were still there.

      May 3, 2018
  27. patrician doyle said:

    I attended Manchester from 1946-1951 , I remember all the teachers mentioned and loved their kindness. I have visited Llandudno when on holiday and had fond memories with Sister Ann (b) MOTHER Aloque. My maiden name was Heaton.

    December 17, 2015
    • Sarah said:

      Would you have known my mum by any chance Joyce Brundrett, I would love to hear from anyone that did and could tell me what she was like at school.

      November 6, 2016
    • S Webb said:

      I wonder if you remember my mum Joyce Brundrett, she was friends with Rosemary Corbett ?

      August 2, 2017
  28. Patricia Aggett nee owen said:

    I attended Loreto college from 1964 to 1967 I remember having to stay till 7PM to do our homework. Sister Margaret Mary not being able to control us she later left the order and got married. Having a lecture in assembly from mother superior about the ‘den of iniquity’ teen beat in the winter gardens oh happy days. Sadly I haven’t kept in touch with any of my classmates, except for Angela Forte now Jones.

    January 11, 2016
    • Marion Williams said:

      Hi Par
      This is Marion Williams nee Smith, I think you lived in Llandudno
      I lived in Colwyn Bay Yes I remember the Friday night in Winter Gardens do your remember the twins Pam & Jenny Dando I haven’t seen them for years but I have bumped into Geraldine Allsup a couple of times
      If you remember me I’d love to hear from you
      Marion Smith that was

      August 17, 2020
      • Gerldine Wainwright (Allsup) said:

        Hi Vivien I see Susan Roberts nee Clarke and Angela Evans nee Forte every week, they were in our class.

        September 10, 2020
      • Lynn Priddle nee roberts said:

        Hi Marion,
        I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to find you on Facebook but with no luck. Obviously it’s always hard to find female friends if their surnames have changed.
        I would love be to hear from you and maybe even meet up when life returns to normal. I didn’t see your reply to my post on here until today , hopefully you will see this and email me so that we can catch up. My email is I very much look forward to hearing from you xx

        December 4, 2020
      • Lynn Priddle (Roberts) said:

        Hi Marion.
        I often think about you and would love to hear from you Please email me

        December 5, 2020
  29. fr denis labartette IC said:

    Once again thank you for your hospitality.
    I had a good and restful weekend in your self catering ” pied a terre.”
    God bless you
    Fr Denis

    January 25, 2016
  30. Kendal Hackney (Heath.) said:

    I boarded at Loreto College, Llandudno from September 1952 aged 11 to July 1959 aged 18 but only managed to attend one May reunion in 1960…. although have visited Llandudno many times since retracing my steps, taking photographs whilst reminiscing on ‘the good old days’ spent on the Main and West Shores, walks up and then annually around the Great Orme, and through the town’s shopping centre..
    Sadly over the years I have lost touch with all but one (Angela Wolfenden) of my year group due to the moving of homes, change of surnames on marriage or the passing from life.
    I too, remember many of the comments above with regards to our previous Loreto school lives,
    (My thanks to Dr Lawrence Jones for his link to this site and look forward to re-visiting it again..)

    February 15, 2016
    • Barbara Branson (nee Bedford) said:

      Hi Kendal,
      Thank you for your enjoyable blog. I was at Loreto Llandudno from 1963-1968 & they were great times. I’m still in contact with many of my peers.
      Have you heard about the 100 year celebration at Loreto, Llandudno on 14th Sept?
      The booking date was yesterday. But you could contact Sister Catherine Day for info.
      Best wishes. Barbara

      May 25, 2019
  31. Pamela Roth said:

    So nice to read this page. I graduated from Loretto Abbey Toronto in 1956. On June 1st myself and three friends meet in Toronto for lunch and a tour of the Gardner Museum. We are Judy Pursell Hamel, Moira McKeown; Jenny Decarlo and Pamela Lloyd Roth. I attended St. Joseph’s Abbey Wood as a day girl. I was born in England and came to Canada after the war, in 1948. It was a big displacement but for the best. I have had more opportunities here .

    May 23, 2016
  32. Sandra (David) Barkerding said:

    I attended Loreto College, Llandudno 1960-61. I was a day student and lived with my grandparents on Church Walks. I have such wonderful memories that I have shared with my daughter here in U.S. She visited there with me about 20 years ago and we were welcomed by the nuns. I long to come back and visit again.

    May 28, 2016
  33. Claire Hetherington said:

    Thank you for a really stimulating Living Theology weekend. The lectures gave much food for thought, the facilities were excellent and my bedroom was comfortable, so there was little excuse for nodding off during them!

    June 13, 2016
  34. Mary Kenna said:

    I attended St Ignatius Secondary school in Hulme Manchester between 1966 ans 1971 Where I had a wonderful maths teacher named Mother De Lourdes, she later changed her name to Sister Kathleen (at the time they changed their habits to the more modern one) She was a Loretta nun and lived at the Loretta convent in Moss Side Manchester She left Manchester in 1970? does anyone know what happened to her?

    June 27, 2016
    • Françoise Faulkner said:

      Mary Kenna, my daughter attended Loreto College in St Albans in the 1990s and the Headmistress then was a Sister Kathleen.

      June 4, 2018
  35. Maureen Almond now Clarke said:

    Lovely to read all these memories of Loreto I remember fondly so many of the nuns who taught me and my sister Mary Almond at Manchester Some were scary like Mother Christina but all were inspirational My two daughters also went to Loreto but it was very different having more lay teachers by then .I think no matter where we girls ended up we will never forget those women who formed us Thank you all for your memories

    July 8, 2016
  36. Anne Cosgrove (now Robson) said:

    I attended Loreto Convent in Manchester from 1947 in the Montessori until 1951. I loved Mother Dolores ( she later became Mother Superior) and Mother Veronica. My classmates were Geraldine van Went (now living in Australia), twins Monica and Phyllis Flanagan, Christine Vanstone among others. They were the happiest school days of my life. We all went up to the grammar school when we passed our 11-plus exam. Unfortunately I have no fond memories of Miss O’Meara as she made my life a misery from day one as form teacher in both Form 2 and Upper Five. Miss Hunter liked me in the summer because I was good at tennis but not in Autumn/winter because I was hopeless at gym! I attended the 150th anniversary with my sister, Patricia, and caught up with Christine, Pauline Myles, Isobel Dougherty and a few others. I remembered being in school during the centenary when Mother General visited. A huge occasion for all of us.

    August 8, 2016
  37. Clare Phillips(née Finch) said:

    Clare Amelia Finch now PHILLIPS
    Stumbled across these pages which brought a rush of memories back from my years at Loreto, Llandudno (1965-1970)
    I recall “Ma Munch” leading the boarders off to the dorms at bedtime only to return , sometimes twice, to the hall because someone had broken the silence!She was scary!! I loved Sister Winifred as her devotion to music instilled in me a love of singing which I have to this day, singing Alto in 3 choirs. Mrs Bailey was my true heroine, a small lady with exceedingly long hair who taught French, our 1st lesson was to learn “AVOIR” and “ETRE” by heart…never looked back and French became the language I taught for over 20 years ! The soda bread, Anchor butter and marmalade are delicious memories and I always relate this memory to my B and B guests to whom I serve soda bread.Names I recall are Vivian Tate, Geraldine Kelly, Antonia Ryan, Ulla Harrison, Marilyn Brannon from Bermuda,Erica Endacott(day girl)from Rhos-on Sea. Remember the repository stall open on Sunday mornings and buying holy pictures to give to “our crushes”…yikes!?The tin biscuit box which housed our precious pocket money which was dispensed on Sunday. Swimming in the sea unknowingly amongst the “floaters” from the sewage outlet pipe…YUK!!My sister, Vicky, joined Loreto a year or so after me but with the school’s closure she moved to Presentation Convent, Matlock which she liked even less than Loreto and ran away more than once I think, she is still a renegade!Gosh, I could go on..memories.!!We have been back to Abbey Rd a couple of times to walk down memory lane, it is certainly poignant.

    October 2, 2016
    • Vivien Tait said:

      Hi Clare Wow quite a few memories there. Mary Newman – Sheena McCulloch also in our year!

      Still in Touch with Tony Ryan – we both married men called John Smith!!

      February 27, 2017
  38. Lawrence Jones said:

    Reading Ms. (Clare) Philps’s posting above, really does stimulate one’s memory reservoir! Erica Endacott’s brother was a day boy at St. Mary’s (Rhos-on-sea) and it’s only just dawned on me that ‘Antonia Ryan’ was known as ‘Toni’ and was a close friend of Gerry Kelly (Ms. Kelly owned a beautiful fawn/camel winter coat and spoke with a diluted Chorlton-Cum-Hardy accent). There was another person who made up a Gerry/Toni trio, but I have forgotten her name. I think she was a girlfriend of one of my St Mary’s compatriots . I recall Gerry occasionally getting in trouble with ‘Soup’ – but can’t recall any of here ‘penances’ :):):)

    I don’t know if any former Loreto girls entered the world of broadcasting, but there’s a radio programme crying out to made about the lives of boarding school girls in North Wales (Lowther, Penrhos, Bridgidine etc). Radio 4’s ‘Archive Hour’ would be the ideal medium or perhaps BBC Radio Wales or BBC World Service would be more appropriate? Always wondered how female boarders coped with home sickness. 2 weeks was always my reference for getting over home sickness……and, of course, ‘big boys don’t cry’.

    I’ll get my emails off to Whistledown and Falling Tree productions!

    Thanks, as ever, for all these interesting postings.

    October 17, 2016
    • Vivien Tait said:

      Mrs Kelly was Irish so don’t think she had a diluted Chorlton Cum Hardy accent!

      I went to junction school with Geraldine then we met again in 1967. Still in contact with Toni Ryan.

      February 27, 2017
      • Lawrence Jones said:

        Ha-Ha Ms. Tait, Gerry Kelly defo spoke with a diluted Chorlton-Cum-Hardy when I knew her. Coincidentally, I was clearing out my old maths and physics ‘A’ level notes the other day and I found some of the letters that she wrote to me whilst I was at St. Mary’s. Geraldine’s father was a doctor and drove a Volvo 144 (I think the car was possibly blue). She lived in Manchester and spoke about this in one of her letters. Also recall a gorgeous multi-colored scarf that she wore and lent me. I gave it back after Gerry came over to Campion House (my house) at St. Mary’s. One of our chaps (Molly Dunne – St. Mary’s boy) gave her a lift in his grey 848cc grey Austin mini van. Gerladine laughed because she was squashed in the back. She had long mousey brown (ish) hair – can’t recall if side or centre parting.

        Toni Ryan was a lovely person and she was with Geraldine on the day I ran over the Little Orme from St. Marys (to see Gerry). Both Gerry and Toni laughed at my legs (I was in shorts!!!!). I was known as ‘Larry’ Jones in those days. Gerry and Toni must have taken their ‘O’ levels in the term before Loreto closed. I am pretty sure they didn’t read for their ‘A’ levels at Loreto.

        Your name rings a bell, but I don’t recall meeting you. Can’t offer any evidence but I have a feeling that you were known as quite a vivacious person.

        March 2, 2017
  39. Pat Doyle said:

    I am thinking today about beloved mother Ann (B) mother aloquestions who was my form mistress . I have visited llandudno several times. I was at Manchester 1946/1951. I have lived in Yorkshire for 53 years. I would like to know how she is keeping. My name is patricia doyle (HEATON).

    October 17, 2016
  40. Sarah said:

    My mother Joyce Brundrett went to Loretto Altrincham around 1943 , if anyone remembers her I would love to hear from them

    November 6, 2016
  41. Chris Austin said:

    2016 saw me visit llandudno for the first time ever with my good friend Bette. I managed to come and stay at the centre again in October. I would definitely recommend it to anybody wanting to find some peace, with great coastal views and hill climbing. Thanks to all for your kind hospitality! Christiane

    December 29, 2016
  42. Nadia Kolosjok said:

    I attended Loret Manchester Moss Side from 1966 to 1969 Ward House and then left England to go to Italy.
    I would be very very happy to hear someone that was in my class, Janina Dolecki, Marie Higgins, Pat Williams , Elisabeth Spencer and others whoes names I am sorry I don’t remember.I didn’t recognise it from the site until I read the last part of the history, it made me quite sad to know that all was broken down and then rebuilt. On the other hand thats what progress does.
    I really do hope to hear from someone.

    January 30, 2017
  43. Pat Giles (Murray) said:

    I attended Loreto Altringham from 1957? -60 and was in a Form 1 class with Eileen Bather, Pat Mannion, Patricia Cunningham Veronica Salter Moira Masseyand Ethna Moores to name but a few.
    I went to Australia with my family in 1960 returning to the UK in 1960 where I I attended Digby Stuart teacher training college 1963-66 and then went to Canada to teach. I currently livein New Zealand where I recently retired from teaching.
    I still have regular contact with Ethna but would love to hear from anyone who was in my year.

    February 4, 2017
    • Françoise picon- pryor said:

      I also went to Loreto convent, Altrincham, 1953 to 1960. Françoise picon pryor.. We must have been in the same class.

      November 19, 2017
  44. Eileen Morris said:

    Well here is my contribution to this site, I was Eileen Bates, My sister Barbara, started at Loreto Manchester in the grammar part when she was eleven in 1946 followed by my sisters Pat and Margaret. I went to the Montesori in 1950 and stayed right through to 1963. I remember Mother Josepha, Miss Conway (no such word as can’t the word is won’t) Miss Keogh then later Mother Victorine, M. Philomena, M. Columcille etc Miss Hunter, Miss O’Meara Sr Bernadette and Sr Cecilia the musical sisters and many more. I knew Patricia Goodstadt and her friends I was two years below them with Pamela Clarke, Maura Naughton, Janet Cretney, Christine Kidd Geraldine Keohane. Christine is married and lives in the Channel Islands, not been in touch for a while. Janet is married and lives in Surrey. Pamela, and I visited Llandudno to visit Patricia Goodstadt when she was in the novitiate and we also went round the various Loreto in Ireland, about 1962/63. Unfortunately I have lost contact with Pamela. Pauline Thornley (I think Siddons) lived in Cumbria near me but she sadly died a few years ago. Still have contact with Maureen Richardson on Facebook but Patricia Goodstadt is out of contact. She was headmistress at Altrincham when my niece was there. It is really good to read everything. As for Manchester I heard the Chapel is still there and is now a listed building.

    March 18, 2017
  45. Eileen Morris said:

    Sorry, age catching up, it is Marjorie Richardson not Maureen

    March 18, 2017
  46. Elizabeth Shirley Griffiths said:

    Is there any one who attended Loretta College, Llandudno between 1964 – 1967. I can remember people in our class Angela Bamford,
    Noell Mcguiness. Eleanor? Nina ?. I was a boarder during this time and would love to hear from any one

    June 23, 2017
  47. Rita Nickson Nee Spencer said:

    I did not attend Loreto Convent , but received religious instruction along with my mother who converted to catholicism ,from Mother Victorine in 1955 we kept in touch until she passed away in 1997. To Day is her Birthday lovely Lady xx

    August 18, 2017
  48. bernadette hogan said:

    i went to loretto in manchester in 1973 , i was in ball house would like to hear from jane beatty and jane sellers ,also catherine walsh , xx

    October 7, 2017
    • Jayne Meehan nee Thomas said:

      12 ward girls are meeting up tonight after 37 years

      December 2, 2017
      • Monica gleeson(née Barrett) said:

        Gosh. How did that go? I was there those same years, but was in Ellis. My best friend Jacque Howell (sadly RIP) was in Ward

        April 1, 2018
        • Cathryn Hennessy nee Young said:

          I have only just found this site; what a shame I missed the reunion last year. I attended Loreto Manchester 1973-1980 and was In Kennedy. Fabulous years and still seems like yesterday. Remember well Mother Christina and Mother Victorine; Mr Rayneau (maths); Mr Wilson (geography); Dr Own (chemistry); Mr Pinedo (Spanish) and many more. Lovely bunch of classmates too. Never forget the whole class singing and swaying to ‘Seasons in the Sun’ whilst waiting for a teacher. Happy days!

          February 23, 2020
          • Julie Horslen nee Hall said:

            Hi Cathryn,
            I have just found this site. In lock down I have been going through my old photos and memories have been flooding back.
            They were fabulous year in Kennedy and do not seem like a life time ago. I now live in Bucks and after living here for 17 years I recently found out they my neighbour went to Loreto. Sue Platt was in Ball the year above me. Small world. Hope you’re well

            May 21, 2020
    • Hi bernadette,
      I was in Kennedy Loreto manchester 1970-1976. I’m trying to remember the names of the teachers and got some from here. i remember Mr Pinedo, Mr Finn,the Latin teacher, very clearly,tall, tweed suit, glasses. Mr Barrington Ancient Greek,who seemed very cool, Miss Mee religion, Mother Christina, Mother Victorine, (terrifying) Sister bernadette, who, I think, tried to teach us Latin plain chant, Mrs Bryce, who was a wonderful English teacher. In fact I think all the English teachers were amazing and I wish I could remember the names of the other English teachers I had in that period. They made it a natural thing to read poetry and I’m now a poet myself. I found this website when I was looking for the names of the English teachers in school. I now live in Ireland and found this website when I was searching the web to answer an interview questiopn for somone’s blog.”Who introduced you to poetry?” I can see all their faces but not names. Can anyone help? i’d love to hear from anyone in school at that time.

      September 10, 2018
      • Elsa Wiehe said:

        Mr Goodwin ( who had a beautiful voice worthy of an actor) and Mrs Campbell taught English in the 1970s and there was also the glamorous Mrs Jeff who didn’t stay that long.

        November 7, 2019
  49. Christine Garbett ( Mayers) said:

    I was at Loreto Mosside in the prep school with Miss Keogh. I went on to the grammar school 1963 to 1970 in Ball House maiden name Christine Mayers still in touch with Eithne McHugh and Anne Medley and Anne McErlaine. Remember mother victorine and mother Christina ‘ a trip to Spain with mr Pinedo . Domestic science with Miss Sherratt at the top of Ward House.

    January 11, 2018
    • Christine Pyke (Nee) Donohue said:

      I was at Loreto Hulme 1974 to 1978 in Ward House. I can remember Sister Bernadette and Mother Victorine and Christina. Yes I too remember domestic science and my cake tin with ingredients. I can also remember the school sports kit being a form of ‘romper suit’ very ungainly and not at all attractive or flattering – but I loved my winter uniform with hat and gloves and scarf.

      May 23, 2019
      • Gabrielle Rossi said:

        Hi Christine,
        I too remember (with horror) our PE uniform. I was recently describing it to friends who were disbelieving! In fact, I was trawling the net for photographic evidence when I found this site. Such a pity there isn’t an archive for Loreto Manchester.

        March 3, 2020
        • Sarah Pugh said:

          My mum, Valerie Hedges, was at Loreto, Llandudno from 1939-1945. She was evacuated from London as granddad was part of the inland revenue. Does anyone have any relatives etc who were also there then? Mum died in 2015, but with VE Day tomorrow, her memories of her time in Conwy and Loreto are very fresh in my mind at the moment. Thankyou.

          May 7, 2020
  50. Freda Davis said:

    Several friends of mine from Notre Dame training college in Liverpool were from Loreto Manchester and my cousin went there. They left Loreto in 1960.
    Longer ago than that my aunts and my grandmother were at Loreto Manchester and one of my grandmothers sisters trained at Notre Same Liverpool, joined the Loreto order and taught at Loreto in Moss Side all her working life. I traced them in the census records. My grandmother married in about 1878.
    All these people came from Warrington.
    I hope that’s not too long ago to be of interest.

    February 15, 2018
  51. Mary Adams said:

    Mary Adams nee Newman very nostalgic to read messages from those who attendee llandudno 1964 to closing

    March 7, 2018
    • Mary Maposa (nee Sutton) said:

      Fantastic to read the above…so many good times remembered. Please get in touch…anyone! I remember Mary Newman (Mary if you are still in South Africa, we’re neighbors! I’ve been in Zimbabwe since 1984!), Sheena McCullogh, Clare Finch, Viv Tait, Julie Thornley, AnneMarie Lawson, Mary Ainscough, Claire Rothwell, Yvonne Olverson, Angela Bamford, Liz and Caroline Robertson, Monica Patino, Amparo Casar, Piedad Marquez, Anne Archer, Nina ONeill, Clare Hamilton, Shirley Turner, Caroline Twist, noelle McGuinness, Louise and Olivia Ryder, Melanie Carr, and so many more. Walks up the Great Orme and to the West Shore. Sr Genevieve, Mother Dolorosa, Mother Alphonsus, Sr Eileen, Mother Winifred,. Visited Sr Brigid a few years ago – she’s amazing – remembers so many more! Please get in touch!

      October 15, 2018
      • Shirley griffiths nee Turner said:

        Hello Mary
        Gosh, it’s amazing to hear from someone from the past.
        I read your post and recognise so many names.
        My name is Shirley Turner and boarded at Loreto from 1964.
        Funny you are in Zimbabwe and I was born in Kenya.
        I would love to hear from you if you read this.
        Kind regards

        January 5, 2019
        • Mary (Sutton) said:

          Hi Shirley!
          Fantastic to hear from you! I remember you well and quite often think of you!
          Would live to hear how life has gone for you!
          Love, Mary

          July 10, 2019
      • Bernie Birchall said:

        I was at loreto Manchester 1966-73. My name was Bernadette Joyce, in Kennedy house. Mother victorine was scary but mother Christina just as much! Miss Cave, a wonderful English and RE teacher, mr. Holler an, Latin, mr Conway scripture, miss Cockcroft German.

        January 31, 2020
  52. Diane Graham (nee Brown) said:

    I was a day girl at Loreto St. Albans from 1955 to 1960. Lovely memories. I’m still in touch with quite a number of my school friends, and we meet for lunch twice a year.

    September 1, 2018
  53. Anne Young said:

    Hello Geraldine & Vivian,
    I remember you both from our Lorte days,
    Fond memories from the old days
    Hugs Annie Young née Longworth

    October 9, 2018
  54. Mary Maposa (nee Sutton) said:

    oh! And Eleanor Paris. Has anyone heard from Eleanor? I remember her family lived next to the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay

    October 15, 2018
  55. Mary Adams said:

    Hi mary yes still in capetown like you i have many wonderful memories of our time in llandudno do you ever visit s a open house here if you do lovely to hear from youxr
    Regards mary adams nee newman

    November 12, 2018
    • Mary Sutton said:

      Hi Mary – wow! I have wanted to get in touch with you for years! Please contact me I would live to hear more from you. Yes, I do come to Cape Town now and then.

      July 10, 2019
      • Mary adams said:

        Hi Mary lovely to hear from you and would love to see you if your in capetosn you can e mail me at kaplec at web coza

        July 19, 2019
        • Bee Tussaud said:

          I was at Loreto prep school Bowden from 1961 to 1968
          Bridget Howarth now Tussaud
          My mother Christina Kinsey was at the Moss Side senior school from 1938 to 1944
          As was her sister Parricia Kinsey 1941 to 1947

          August 24, 2019
      • Mary Adams said:

        To get in touch with Mary Adams./
        Mary Newman.
        You can mail
        Her daughter I will pass the mail on and give you her contact details 🙂 x

        March 19, 2020
  56. Peter Harris said:

    This year (2019) marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the school, and there will be a final Old Girls’ reunion in September.

    Please contact me on
    for further details as they emerge

    Peter Harris, married to Joyce (nee Astin)

    January 29, 2019
  57. KAROLE DUNN said:

    I was a happy scholarship student at Loreto Altrincham/Bowden from 1962 to 1967, does anyone remeber me, Pat Gibson, Mary Wade?. My search however is for the Childrens Nursery in either Hulme or Moss Side 1954/55 at Loreto. My mother thinks it was moved to another site, and I just wondered where it used to be. I am facebook Carol Navin, many thanks

    February 4, 2019
    • Patricia Kane said:

      I attended Loreto Bowdon (Altrincham) leaving in 1967. I’d love to hear from any contemporaries! Pat Kane (married name Harper)

      July 12, 2019
  58. Moya St Leger said:

    I was a 5- year old pupil for a few weeks at Loreto in the autumn of 1943. My memory of that time is hazy, but I do remember a highly polished floor of a corridor and a tall kindly nun taking me down it away from my mother on my first day. I remember first looking at the building and the lawn in front of it through railings, but have never seen a picture of those railings. However, an elderly nun I spoke to a few years ago remembered them.
    My mother and I had been evacuated after our house in Hampstead, north London, had been badly damaged in the Blitz in 1940. She was pregnant at the time so my baby brother was born at Bangor Hospital. He was duly christened David! We returned to London before the end of the War early in 1944.

    February 16, 2019
  59. Clare Moriarty said:

    Hello to everyone, I am so glad to have found this page! I am looking for anyone who knew my mother during her time at Loreto. Her name then was Sandra White, and she attended from 1959 – 1966. Mum was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2017 and after a hard battle, found out she was in remission last summer. I am trying to surprise her by putting together memories of her time at Loreto, and would love to hear from anyone who knew her back then!

    February 28, 2019
  60. Fiona Mockett said:

    Gosh what memories of Llandudno & Loreto! Yes I was there from 1961 to 1968. Then left & went Brigidine. We actually have a Brigidine reunion on June 1st this year. Still great friends with the Bloomfield family!
    My parents & family are all buried up on the Great Orme at St. Tudno’s so I still consider Landudno as home..

    May 14, 2019
  61. Catherine Boocock nee Malloy said:

    I was at Loreto Llandudno from 1945 – 1950 along with my 2 sisters Eileen and Claire. We were day girls and had been evacuated from London during the blitz in 1940. My father wes a civil servant in the Ministry of Food and the whole of his unit was evacuated to N. Wales. I absolutely loved being at Loreto and certainly cried when I had to leave. The nuns were very good to us as a family and gave us lots of extras. My mother used to send in secret food for the boarders and also typed out reams of revision notes four our class. I kept in touch with Sr Eileen McConon and Sr. Mary Ross, both classmates and also with Mary Lofts who sadly died recently. I have been back several times and will be at the Centenary Reunion. Is there anyone from that period who is still in touch.
    Catherine Mallory (now Boocock)

    August 7, 2019
  62. Susan Garside (Gunn) said:

    Hi, it’s Susan Gunn here. Reading the above names has brought back many happy memories.
    Maria Delgado, Deirdre O’Reilley, Barbara Bedford, etc. I was at Loreto Llandudno. Anyone fancy getting in touch ?? Have been looking for Sally Whatman.

    October 8, 2019
  63. Mary Doody said:

    Hello Bernadette! Don’t know if you remember me I was in Kennedy 1967-73. I remember Miss Cave. Mr Goodwin and many others. Have lost touch with most people apart from a couple of Ellis people from Mr Rayneau’s maths class. Hope all is well with you.

    May 10, 2020
  64. Caroline Nolan said:

    I was one of the last girls to attend Loreto College Manchester as a Grammar girl. Our first five years were spent rattling around in the St Ignatius, Loyola building before eventually going across to Chichester Rd campus for sixth form, finishing in 1985. Last year, my youngest finished at Loreto College Ballarat (Australia). I remember well being reprimanded by Mother Christina (scary) but my fondest memory was of Ms Weaver (Mathematics). Sadly, I feel that in the transition from being a Grammar School to a Sixth Form College that our year level seems to have been forgotten in history but hello to all the girls who started in 1 Ball in 1978. Does anyone remember running around playing sardines in an almost empty building ?

    September 19, 2020

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