Weekend Retreats 2018

Retreatants will be accommodated on a first come basis. While we do our utmost to give your first choice of rooms, we are not able to guarantee specific rooms.

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All of our weekend retreats are fully catered beginning with the evening meal at 6 pm and finishing with breakfast on the last morning.
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Friends of Mary Ward
‘Divine Love is like a fire which will not let itself be shut up…
A weekend for Friends of Mary Ward, and those who would like to discover more about this 16th Century English woman. Mary Ward pioneered a new way of living religious life for women. Following the Jesuits, her aim would be an active service and freedom for mission, according to the needs of the world around her. Today, her family include both religious and lay people who are inspired by her vision. As we look at her life, we will reflect prayerfully on our own lives and ministries. There will be time to share and to socialise with one another and also plenty of quiet time for personal reflection.
Ewa Bem IBVM
April 20th – 22nd
Living Theology
Summer School in Christian Faith
An opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the Christian faith and develop a personal reflection on Christian living and belief.
Jun 8th – 10th
Discernment Weekend
I listened to God’s deep dream for me and felt ready to respond’ (Mary Ward).
A silent retreat with workshops on discernment, especially suited to those who are facing significant decisions in life.
Ewa Bem IBVM
Sept 28th – 30th
Praying with Literature
A time to listen to the voice of God as we read through some of the great writings, ancient and modern.
Sally Harper & Kathryn Keigher IBVM
Nov 2nd – 4th