Weekend Retreats 2019

Retreatants will be accommodated on a first come basis. While we do our utmost to give your first choice of rooms, we are not able to guarantee specific rooms.

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All of our weekend retreats are fully catered beginning with the evening meal at 6 pm and finishing with breakfast on the last morning.

Fun, faith and friendship

March 1-3

Ewa Bem IBVM

Paddy Rylands

ARE YOU AGED 30-50 and interested in meeting others of your own age for some faith-sharing and socialising?

Then come to Loreto Centre, Llandudno on Saturday 2nd March 2019.  Stay for the weekend if you can!


“The Church needs you, your enthusiasm, your creativity and the joy that is so characteristic of you.” Pope Francis


During the weekend we will be pondering on our own vocation as lay people in the Church. 

The programme will be arranged primarily for the Saturday, with time for prayer, discussion and faith sharing, and plenty of free time. For those who can stay for the weekend, there would be additional time for reflecting.


Friends of Mary Ward

April 5th-7th

Ewa Bem IBVM

‘Our companions, few in number; diverse in talent and temperament, one in mind and heart, together in work and prayer, sought to sift our vision and discern God’s will.’  (Mary Ward)

Over 400 years ago, Mary Ward pioneered a new way of living religious life.  Following the Jesuits, her aim would be an active service and freedom for mission, according to the needs of the world around her. Today, the companions of Mary Ward include both religious and lay people who are inspired by her life and vision.

As we look at the lives of those first companions, we will reflect prayerfully on our own reality.  There will be time to share and to socialise together, as well as quiet time for personal reflection.

 This retreat is for anyone interested in the life and work of Mary Ward, who would like to discover more about how she can speak to us in our own world.


Living Theology

Jun 7th – 9th


Summer School in Christian Faith

An opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the Christian faith and develop a personal reflection on Christian living and belief. More information to follow.


This retreat has been cancelled.

Artist as Co-Creator

September 27th – 29th

Jen and Annie Bromham IBVM

‘Every child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up’ (Picasso)

During this weekend participants will have the opportunity to recover the child within and to become Co-Creators with God.

We will be FINDING GOD IN ALL THINGS, through the use of art, poetry and music. New ways of praying will emerge. Essentially this workshop will be a catalyst for reflection and will reveal the movement of God in our own lives.

No particular skills or experience are required. Our time together will be suitable for people who have no artistic expertise and at the same time will be of interest to accomplished artists. All materials will be provided. 


Praying with Ignatius of Loyola and John of the Cross

31st January – 2nd February 2020

Ewa Bem IBVM

In the 16th Century, Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits, an apostolic religious order. Later in that same century, John of the Cross was instrumental in refounding the monastic order of the Carmelites. During this weekend retreat, we will reflect on their lives and legacy, and allow their prayer to touch our own. This will be a silent retreat, with workshops.